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Grimson and Sons crafted a spectacular engagement ring for myself and fiancee. I’ve been so impressed by every step of the design process that they have guided us through and am truly thankful that we got to work with them.

The ring far exceeded my expectations, capturing such character, personality and flare. The team at Grimson and Sons are skilled, meticulous, and passionate about what they do. I have been recommending them to all my family and friends.

Lyly B.
Better Business Bureau Review

It goes without saying that having a piece of jewelry made is a personal process. You agonize about the fit, the shape and if the world will truly understand the intention behind it. David has an innate ability to help you navigate all of these concerns, not because he wants to get the sale, but because he wants you to leave his shop with a piece of art that represents you. There is an intimate experience that you are gifted when you walk into Grimson & Sons, one that is second to none. It is for this reason that I would give them 10 stars if I could, or at least a big giant gold one.

Shaun A.
Google Review

Grimson & Sons is one of those places you’d recommend time and time again to friends and family. I’ve had them make me jewellery on multiple occasions and I’ve even taken my mom in to have a piece made when she was in town. The team at Grimson & Sons are fantastic but the star of the show is David, the owner and operator, he is kind, attentive, patient, funny and above all talented. There are many wonderful jewellers and custom jewellers in Vancouver, but Grimson & Sons feels like home if that makes sense. You won’t be disappointed, the quality of the work and care you’ll receive is in a league of its own.

Thom L.
Google Review

I had a silver pendant necklace made by David for my wife and the finished product far exceeded my expectations. Excellent craftsmanship, he knows what he’s doing. 5 stars!

Mike W.
Google Review

I had an old ring my grandma gave me with a beautiful black stone, but it the setting wasn't my style, then with the help of David we designed this absolutely gorgeous gold ring with two pearls on the side. I've never seen a more amazing ring. David will take you step by step and listen to every question you have. Once I got the render of what the ring would look like I requested to change something and they were happy to help! The team at Grimson & Sons are just fantastic and so nice. Would highly recommend them and will be definitely using them again.

Estefania D.
Better Business Bureau Review
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